Do you want to know a little bit about us?
Ok, so the first obvious question is, “Who is Shem?” Shem was one of Noah’s three sons. You can find him mentioned here.
So, now you know who is Shem. You may be asking, “Why Shem?” We imagined that the first thing Shem probably did when he stepped off the ark was to open a hot dog stand.
Actually, we are a family-owned business that desires to promote Christian values. We love the home town feel of Williamstown and we love the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. We also like tasty food. When you blend all of these details together, naturally, you get…
Shem’s Snack Shack, a family-friendly restaurant at the Ark Encounter that desires to promote Christian values via the theme of Noah’s Ark while providing work opportunities for the community as we enjoy serving people tasty food.
Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?
We hope you plan on stopping by if you are visiting the Ark Encounter. We promise that you will receive great customer service as well as quality, good-tasting food. We can even talk about Shem and his camel…